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5 Rude But Adorable Stars

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015
5 Rude But Adorable Stars

I feel a bit like I'm the last person on earth to read this book. I had it on my TBR since the first part of the serial was released. The weirdest thing, I saw all those rave reviews but I didn't pick it up - God knows why.

I knew early on, when I hit the end of the first of three parts, that I would be sad once I finished. After the second part I knew I'd end up having a major book hangover. This book is flawless. It is lovely to finish 2015 with this read and my only regret is that I can't revisit with Andrew and Aubrey again.

Aubrey is the type of heroine I adore. Smart, witty, courageous, passionate and she doesn't take shit. She has dreams, she wants to become a ballet dancer, yet she also studies law in order to appease her parents.

Andrew is the most swoon worthy asshole I've ever read about. He is crude, rude, he doesn't have a filter - at all - he says cruel things.

“She gasped. “You would snitch on me?”
“I would run my car over you.”
Despite all that...he is adorable.

“Is there anything else outside of my comfort zone that you’d like me to do for you tonight?”“Not tonight, but you could make me breakfast in the morning.”
“You’re pushing it...”
“Just in case you change your mind, I would like Belgian waffles, bacon, sliced strawberries, and orange juice.”
“Unless you want to eat all of those things off of my cock, it’s not happening.”
I have no idea how Whitney Gracia Williams made it work but work it did. I LOVED Andrew's dirty mouth, he said things that made me gasp but I thought mostly "but damn, he's not wrong".

“Contrary to your unfounded and silly assumptions, I do not have a panty fetish and I do not sleep with them over my face at night. I do, however, have a new fetish for your pussy, and if you're interested in letting me sleep with that over my face at night, feel free to let me know.”  

His motto when it comes to women is “One dinner. One night. No repeats.” He only dates women he meets online, he avoids relationships like the devil avoids holy water. And he despises lies.

“Do you normally talk as you get dressed?” I cut her off and took a seat on the bed. “I’m pretty sure it’s something that doesn’t require conversation.”

When Andrew meets Aubrey for the first time, after talking on the phone and emailing only, he realizes that she has been lying to him this whole time. His first reaction is rage, however, the attraction is still strong and he finds himself on the verge of breaking his own rule to fuck and walk away. The way Aubrey handled him was perfect - despite her giving in to him repeatedly there came a point when she made it clear that she wasn't a doormat.

I devoured this book. I was enthralled and I couldn't stop reading - I read until late night when reason finally set in and remembered that I would have to get up a few hours later. I needed to know what had happened that Andrew loathed intimacy and relationships. And when I found out my heart broke for him into a billion of tiny pieces. The end left with the extended epilogue left me completely satisfied.

Ms. Williams was a new to me author before this book. I will definitely read her back list and hope that we'll get to read more new books by her soon!


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Monday, December 28, 2015

4 Kinky Stars

Woolf is a sexy, sensual cowboy. He's rich. He manages the family enterprise. However, he isn't completely happy. What would make him happy? Why, a sex club. You see, Woolf loves kink and he wants to provide sensual experiences for patrons without them having to deal with prejudice for their different taste in sex.

Want to have a romantic seduction by a stranger? I’ll make it happen.Want to get fucked by three well-hung cowboys? I’ll make that happen too.
Want to do it all while being watched? Easy as fucking pie.

Callie. She is sweet, sexy, innocent in some ways, smart and all around lovely. She has been carrying a torch for Woolf what seems like forever. Alas, when she wanted to give him his virginity all those years ago he refused and walked away. Callie moves back to her hometown after discovering her cheating fiance. She wants the old Callie gone and wants to create Callie 2.0. Stronger. More daring. More everything.

When they both meet in Woolf's club after a couple of years of chance run-ins, where they said hi in passing, their chemistry explodes. Woolf doesn't want to get involved, loving his kink too much. Also, he thinks that Callie shouldn't be touched by the depravity he craves. Callie on the other hand grows a wild hair and wants a taste of the naughty.

That's my sweet girl. Even with my fingers in you and another man's cock on your tongue, you're still the sweetest girl I'll ever know."

I loved pretty much everything about this book. Woolf's best friend Bridger, who is an enigma and I'm sure his story will provide us with some heartbreak. Woolf, who I watched falling in love with Callie with each page. Callie, who was a beautiful heroine - she loved Woolf but she wasn't a doormat. The fantasy Woolf and Bridger gave her. The sex was scorching. If you want a low angst book this is exactly what you're looking for. Sawyer Bennett starts to become a favorite of mine.

I am usually not a menage reader, and this isn't one either really, but Callie's fantasy was written with extreme care for the three characters and I loved every word of it

5 Brilliant Snowy Christmassy Scottish Stars

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

I want to kiss Karina Halle on her mouth for letting us revisit with Kayla and Lachlan. This read has made my Christmas holidays all the sweeter.

We met those two first in The Play. If you haven't read this one stop reading my review and go and do it. NOW.

After the events of "The Play" Kayla and Lachlan are both dealing with their respective problems. Lachlan's darkness is still creeping up on him but with the help of Kayla he has become very good at pushing it back and letting the light back in. After her transition to Edinburgh Kayla is trying to get a job with a newspaper. Additionally, she misses her mother and the rest of her family - it's Christmas after all. Broken down to the essential - they want to belong.

"Sibhe mo clann.""It's beautiful," I tell him breathlessly. "What does it say?"
"It says you are my clan"

Those two are perfection. Lachlan is such a gentle beast, with a huge heart and dirty mouth. Can't say often enough how much I love him.

"And when he whispers into my ear "I've got you", I believe him. He has me - now and forever. He won't ever let go. He won't ever let me fall"
Kayla's version of a Christmas tree is so hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing. If you come across this scene and you don't laugh you should stop reading this book shows the quality of their relationship. How deeply they care for each other, how explosive their chemistry is and that they can laugh in the face of darkness. How comfortable they are with each other.

Both of them get what they want for Christmas.

"It's a strange feeling, to actually feel part of a family, something deep and organic. I know I've felt it over the years but when you're an orphan, that longing, that search to belong, it never really leaves you. But at least now, after last night, it's abated. There is peace. There is relief. And when it's all over, I think I'll just be a wee bit sad"
Finally a quote I loved because it shows how successful Kayla is chasing Lachlan's darkness away:

"The shadows are gone.
I am here.

I am there.

I am hers.


When we've both caught our breaths we curl up into each other and pull the covers over us, tucking us in tight. Christmas may be over. But we have just begun.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

**ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review - thank you!**

I have had a hard time wrapping my mind around this one. I loved the writing. I loved the premise of this book - a woman who was wronged in her past getting her revenge. I adored parts of the books. Others annoyed the heck out of me.

But let me say right away, this wasn't a bad read by all means.

Our heroine is Victoria, a 30+ successful woman who got where she is because she has been holding on to a grudge, which she has been nursing for more than 15 years because her first love broke not only her heard but her family. She left her home town, changed her name and appearance to become a life coach. Her career is based on being a Bitch with a capital B and she has heaps and heaps of money.

"I'm not that unsophisticated country girl anymore, that girl who loved with all her heart and soul. That girl is dead. There's only one girl left, the one made of ice and vengeance."

Parker is a successful restaurant-owner. He is a womanizer of the "wham-bam-thank you ma'am" kind. He doesn't do relationships and he doesn't answer questions about his past. However, while he is all that he isn't an asshole. Parker was scarred too - he is said boy who broke Victoria's heart.

The story starts when Victoria meets Parker again. She doesn't reveal who she is and Parker doesn't recognize her. She uses this fact and starts weaving a net of lies in order to get her vengeance - Parker destroyed not only her but also her family and everything is just to get there. While getting to know each other Victoria realizes that it's not as easy to keep Parker at arms length as she thought. Parker also senses a deep connection which he can't explain.

“I want to know all the dark places in you,” he whispers vehemently, his arms like a vise. “I want to be the one who has the key that unlocks all your bolted doors and chases away all the monsters you keep hidden behind them. I want to be the light inside your darkness. I want to be your rock and your safety net, the soft place you can fall.”

Parker falls for Victoria, he is fascinated by her contradicting personality.

"I want you so fucking badly I'll do almost anything to have you, and I think you want me the same way. But I won't beg. I won't be lied to. And I won't be led around by my balls. I only want it if it's real. Yes or no." My breath is ragged. I feel as if I'm standing over rocks far below. "Parker-" "Yes or no."

Victoria keeps reminding herself of the heartbreak she endured. She doesn't want to see anything else in Parker. They have one hell of a chemistry and the sexy times in this story were scorching and panty-soaking hot.

"We'll pretend you didn't say it. Please ignore the churro in my pants, because he is not quite as good at pretending as we are."

As mentioned, I loved the writing - it is witty, sarcastic and utterly captivating. I ADORED Parker. Why only a 3-star-rating you ask? The story started to deteriorate around the 50% mark when Victoria kept holding on to her bitterness and couldn't let go of her vengeance even though it became obvious that Parker  was a good guy.

I hit an even lower low when everything was out there, the truth on the table for Victoria to see and all she does is...(highlight to see spoiler)

a) still think the worst of Parker and b) run

She showed a selfish streak even in her defeat and that made me angry. The author didn't redeem her for me. She was still the selfish bitter bitch she'd been from the start.

Please don't let my opinion keep you from reading this book. It was still a great story and had the most beautiful parts in it. I will read other books by J.T. Geissinger, she's an extremely talented writer if she can let go of the OTT drama.


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Monday, December 21, 2015

3.5 Magical Stars

This was a short, quick read. It also contains a MAJOR spoiler, so make sure that you have read Shadow's End before this one.

Liam is Dragos' and Pia's magical son. And you just can't help but think he's growing up so fast. Too fast. Of course it doesn't help that he's a one year old in the body of a young adult. The process and why this happens to him is explained well and - since this is a paranormal series - it's credible.

Liam is butting heads with his autocratic father - being his father's son his dragon tells him so. Being the good person that he is, however, he knows how to reign in his wild side. The end of this short story left me satisfied and I know that Liam can take care of himself. I can't wait to see what adventures are ahead for the Cuelebres and the sentinels.

*ARC was given by the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review*